Slow Movement Challenge

The purpose of the Slow Movement Challenge is to:


  1. Promote a love of movement
  2. Share Spacial Dynamics far and wide
  3. Connect the Spacial Dynamic Comunity 
  4. Raise funds for The Foundation for Human Movement Studies to help support the principles and practices of Spacial Dynamics, Scholarships and Initiatives 

If you’ve received the Challenge, here’s what to do:


  1. Complete your own Spacial Dynamics or other Slow Movement video
  2. Share your video along with the Do and Donate link (you can share via social media, email or even snail mail!)
  3. Challenge your friends, family and others to the Slow Movement Challenge to keep the movement flowing! 

Do it and Donate and keep the movement growing!

Please donate via PayPal here


Mail a check to:


335 Roxbury Road

Hudson, NY 12534