Dear Friends and Movers, 

We have some exciting new developments to report on the Spacial Dynamics film project, and also an opportunity to help move things along! 

As many of you know, Jaimen McMillan, the founder of Spacial Dynamics, continues working tirelessly on the film, and this project has transformed and grown into a more substantive project then we all could’ve hoped for. 

The film now deeply encompasses the foundations and principles of Spacial Dynamics. There will continue to be a historical film, and an exercise practice video, but the project now has grown into a film where the audience can experience the importance, essential nature and applicability of Spacial Dynamics. 

Jaimen has already put in thousands of hours and his own dollars into the film development. FHMS has had the opportunity to support the film in a small, but significant way. The film is not yet done and needs ongoing support and money to continue to progress so that it can be revealed and available for everyone. 

To this end, FHMS has accessed matching grant funding of up to $10,000 to continue the film development! We hope to be able to raise this amount by the end of the year. I personally believe that the completion of this film is one of the most important things related to Spacial Dynamics that is happening in the world today. This film will provide a meaningful foundational resource into the future for students and teachers alike. 

In recognition of the opportunity and urgency of this project, FHMS will be foregoing our year-end appeal, and instead requesting support solely for the SDI film project. We believe that with this $10,000 matching grant incentive, those of you who know the importance of this work will step forward to help us. It’s not every day the dollar you donate to support Spacial Dynamics will yield two dollars! 

We recognize that even when we are able to provide the total support of $20,000, the film may not be completely ready for release, but we still find this work most important. We have worked closely with Jaimen who has put together a teaser that may help you visualize the growth and development of the film.

We know that you will find it as exciting as we do. So after checking it out, please consider a donation to help develop this important work. Meeting this match is meaningful and we don’t want to leave any money on the table!

Thank you again for all your past, present, and future support! 

In Movement, 

Alex Schneider, President